SoundMagic PL11 Gun In-Ear tipa austiņas

SoundMagic PL11 Gun In-Ear tipa austiņas
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Preces kods: PL11 Gun
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Specifikācija (angļu val.)

Powerful, punchy bass response Robust metal construction Comfortable, simple in ear fit Excellent Value
Big brand quality rivalling much more expensive earphones
Powerful bass without distorting the mid and high frequencies
In-ear design coupled with the right eartips seal music in and noise out
Sound Signature: Powerful, deep rolling bass without distortion

The SoundMagic PL11 delivers powerful bass performance without sacrificing clarity or accuracy it`s like having subwoofers for your ears. Modern music is dynamic and impactful, with a fullness that reaches the upper and lower extremes of the frequency range. The PL11 is designed to reproduce all generes of popular music with impressive energy.

From the Manufacturer
SoundMAGIC PL11 sound isolating earphones deliver incredible value for money and powerful bass response that is guaranteed to impress.

How do you get premium quality at a moderate price? SoundMAGIC`s dedicated team of acoustic engineers have come up with the solution: PL11 earphones. Combining expertise with advanced technology and the highest quality components, this little in-ear marvel has it all. With a well-built and robust construction the PL11 boasts an innovative and thoughtful design. Delivering potent bass, a smooth mid-range and clarity of treble notes for a listening experience that is truly high-fidelity.

SoundMAGIC`s PL11 are ergonomically designed to sit perfectly in the ear canal, for a secure and comfortable fit. Combine this with various sizes of included eartips and you achieve a flawless seal - keeping unwanted noise out and sealing your music in. Requiring less volume from the audio source enables exciting sound with the added advantage of preserving healthy hearing.

A wide array of accessories including silicone ear tips, cable clip and travel pouch make this earphone package complete.

Big Brand Quality - While maintaining value for you, SoundMAGIC earphones are built with quality components that are normally only found in more expensive earphones.

Big Bass - More Fun - SoundMAGIC`s engineers have tuned the drivers of the PL11 to deliver an immense bass response. Delivering warm, deep rolling bass without distorting the mid and high ranges, the PL11 creates an exciting, and fun listening experience.

Perfect Fit with Stay-In-Ear Design - Ergonomically designed the earphones sit perfectly in the ear canal and stay in the ear comfortably without falling out.

Noise Isolating Design - In-ear design coupled with the right eartips seal music in and leaves unwanted noise out. Resulting in lower volume requirements, this design allows you to protect your hearing from damage loud music can cause.

Sound Signature - Powerful, deep rolling bass without distortion and plenty of treble sparkle. Suitable for all musical tastes.

Transducers Dynamics, 9mm Neodymium
Frequency Range 20Hz - 22kHz
DC resistance 12 ± 10% Ohms
Sensitivity 100 ± 2 dB 
Maximum Input Power 20 mW
Cable Lenght 1.2 m
Connector 3.5 mm
Weight 10 g