DENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājs

DENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājsDENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājsDENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājsDENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājsDENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājsDENON DP-400 Black vinila plašu atskaņotājs
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Preces kods: DP-400 Black
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Give your vinyl collection the precision sound. Equipped with a phono equalizer and speed auto sensor, DP-400 plays back your vinyl in pristine quality, from vintage fi nds to the latest releases — all with trusted Denon sound quality

  • Unique curved horizontal tracking angled tonearm design with auto lift-up
  • and playback stop
  • Built-in phono equalizer with on/off toggle
  • Engineered with a more than 100-year Denon legacy in audio excellence
  • Exclusive, removable dust cover with included base 
  • Weighted, belt-driven platter with auto speed sensor 
  • Multi-speed selector (33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm, 78 rpm)
  • Includes high quality MM cartridge
  • Supports both MM and MC cartridges
  • Strong, weighted base and durable construction

Reduces harmonic distortion and automatically returns to seated position when
playback ends
Connect the DP-400 to any amplifi er or system with analog inputs or phono inputs
Trust this high-quality and durable turntable to deliver the ultimate audio experience
Doubles as a display stand for your vinyl record covers
Maintains accurate speed for precise sound reproduction
Play the widest array of vinyl records
Enjoy precise sound out-of-the-box within minutes
Experience advanced fl exibility that matches your audio preferences
Reduces external vibrations and improves audio performance

Specially Engineered Tonearm
Features a carefully engineered curved, horizontal tracking angled
tonearm with auto-lift and playback stop. When the vinyl reaches
the end of playback, the tonearm auto-lifts and returns to its
seated position, preserving the excellent condition of your album.
Curved tonearm design also reduces harmonic distortion, ensuring
a crystal clear sonic signal every time you listen.

Strong-built Construction
Solid construction offers both the strength and high-density needed
to reproduce detailed, resonance-free music. Thick cabinet walls
and a weighted platter provide the optimal surface for your vinyl
collection, reducing external vibration. Pair DP-400 with the rest of
the Denon Design Series for a durable, high-resolution system.

Weighted, Belt-driven Platter with Auto Sensor
Integrated auto sensor accurately controls the platter, preventing
unwanted speed fluctuations during playback — enjoy audio
reproduction exactly as the artist intended.

Speed Selector
Supports playback at 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm and 78 rpm. Easily play
your entire vinyl collection and enjoy its full breadth — even your
cherished, vintage 78’s.

Sophisticated Design Aesthetic
Built for High Performance and ease of set up the DP-400 features
a sophisticated form factor and Solid Construction while durable
Aluminium material offers a modern aesthetic.
The DP-400 matches the sleek lines of the Denon Design Series,
The Renowned CEOL Series as well as Denon’s Classic 43cm
HiFi Components.

Compact Size
At just 41 cm in width, DP-400 is constructed to fit seamlessly into
your existing Hi-Fi system. Though compact in size, it still delivers
the powerful, detailed sound you expect from Denon.

Cartridge Options
Includes an MM cartridge for more precise listening and added
musical detail. As a producer of the longest-selling cartridge
in market, enjoy the Denon DP-400 turntable with confidence.
If you prefer listening via an MC cartridge, easily swap out the
existing MM cartridge to fit your audio preferences. Enjoy iconic
Denon sound quality however you choose to listen.

Phono Equalizer
Built-in phono equalizer creates an open, enveloping sound stage
that enlivens your cherished vinyl collection while staying true to
the original recording as the artist intended. Connect it directly to a
mini component or integrated amp for seamless use.

Easy Setup and Operation
Takes minutes to unbox and quickly operate for novice and
seasoned vinyl fans. Plug DP-400 into your favorite amplifier or
system, including the Denon Design Series, and immediately
begin reconnecting with your vinyl collection — it’s that easy.

Exclusive, Removable Dual-purpose Dust Cover
Removable dust cover features a modern design, elevating the
overall aesthetic of DP-400 while eliminating vibration issues that
affect music quality associated with attached covers. Doubling as
a display stand for your album cover, place the dust cover upright
on the included base and show it proudly to friends and family.

100+ Years of Firsts in Audio Technology
Founded in 1910, Denon has a deep heritage of “firsts” in audio
technology — from Japan’s first audio electronics manufacturer,
to producing the world’s first commercial CDs. This focused
investment in audio R&D ensures you get the latest technology and
highest quality with every listening experience

Motor: AC / DC NO / YES
Auto tonearm lift at end YES  
Stylus (MM / MC) YES / NO
Drive System: Belt / Direct YES / NO
Speed: 33 1/3 / 45 / 78 YES / YES / YES
Stylus version CN-6518
S-Type tonearm YES
Wow & flutter 0.08% (WRMS)
Universal Headshell YES
Operation: Automatic / Manual NO / YES
Phono EQ built in (switchable) YES
Dust Cover YES (removeable)
Rated Output 2.5 mV / 1 kHz
S/N ratio 65 dB
Frequency Range Phono EQ
20 Hz - 20 kHz
Frequency Range 20 Hz  - 20 kHz
Rated Output Phono EQ 150 mV / 1 kHz
Maximum Dimensions (W x D x H) in mm 414 x 342 x 132
Weight in kg 5.8 (w/ Dust cover)