MONITOR AUDIO WR-1 bezvadu uztvērējs (cena par gab.)

MONITOR AUDIO WR-1 bezvadu uztvērējs (cena par gab.)MONITOR AUDIO WR-1 bezvadu uztvērējs (cena par gab.)MONITOR AUDIO WR-1 bezvadu uztvērējs (cena par gab.)
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Preces kods: WR-1

WT-1 and WR-1 are diminutive wireless transmitter and complementary receiver modules measuring just 6cm round by 4cm deep. They can be used together to create a simple wireless zone extension, or to enable wireless rear speakers in a home theatre system.

The WR-1 receiver plugs into the inputs of a remote subwoofer or amplifier. It is an ultra-compact module which can be placed hidden away behind other equipments.

A non-slip silicon rubber bass is designed to not mark or leave residue on surfaces.

* WT1/WR1 are designed and approved to ErP standards and comply with Eco design for energy related products Regulations for Energy-Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC. This means the units consume less than 0.5Watts of power in standby mode.

Izvērsts apraksts

Decades of dealing with long, ugly cable runs can be consigned to history in minutes by installing our diminutive new WT-1/WR-1 wireless link.
Measuring just 6cm round by 4cm deep, the WT-1 transmitter and WR-1 receiver establish an automatic lossless audio connection between analogue outputs and inputs over a range of up to 15 metres. The pairing is entirely intuitive and immediate: no elaborate button pushing is necessary.
Tucked out of the way behind equipment, the WT-1 transmitter simply plugs into the analogue LFE or pre-outputs on your AVR or player, and the WR-1 receiver into the inputs of a remote subwoofer or amp. The unobtrusive, ultra-compact modules then use the 2.4GHz digital band to send uncompressed full-range audio through the air between them. Efortless installation replaces long runs of ugly wire to wirelessly extend the power of our WS-10 active subwoofer, and enable full-range, wire-free performance and convenience in any set-up missing wireless functionality, but with idle analogue inputs and outputs.

Format Compact Wireless receiver module
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz
Wireless Type Lossless/uncompressed Digital 2.4GHz band
Wireless Range 15M (dependant on building construction)
Input/output impedance > 20K Ohms
Inputs Analogue stereo inputs/outputs (RCA)
A.C Mains adaptor External plug type power supply (94-264 VAC) 5v output with world plug pins
D.C input Voltage 5v @ 50mA
Indicators LED – on/connected
Power consumption < 0.5Watts standby - ErP certified
Dimensions 6cm round x 4cm deep
Approvals ETL/ CE/ Fcc/CB/ Erp