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  • MONITOR AUDIO NEW SILVER 300 grīdas tipa akustiskā sistēma Black Oak (cena par pāri)

    The Monitor Audio Silver 300 floorstander retains the familiar award-winning configuration of its predecessor, with several crucial improvements to drivers. The full three-way design delivers class-leading mid-range, while a pair of long-throw 6½-inch bass drivers work together to produce incredible power from the tall, but slim cabinet design, making it the perfect choice for serious audiophile and AV installations.

    The three-way configuration allows each driver to be optimised to do a better job over a narrower frequency band; the only real way to deliver elevated performance in every respect. Superlatively natural mid-range comes courtesy of a dedicated 4-inch driver, specially designed with ‘under hung’ voice coil and motor system. This technique ensures the voice coil always remains in the magnetic gap under all conditions for demonstrably lower distortion than usually found at this level – an advance which can be immediately heard.

    Coupled with higher overall impedance and better overall system damping, the cabinet can be placed close to a wall. However, this is a serious audiophile speaker, capable of delivering seismic levels of bass extension. For optimum performance, a distance of just 12 inches (30 cm) is needed between the speaker and wall, allowing the system to breathe and perform optimally. High overall sensitivity makes this new Silver 300 easy to drive with a modest, high-quality amplifier delivering precise, dynamic music or film to fill a medium to large room.

    €1 899,00
  • MONITOR AUDIO WR-1 bezvadu uztvērējs (cena par gab.)

    WT-1 and WR-1 are diminutive wireless transmitter and complementary receiver modules measuring just 6cm round by 4cm deep. They can be used together to create a simple wireless zone extension, or to enable wireless rear speakers in a home theatre system.

    The WR-1 receiver plugs into the inputs of a remote subwoofer or amplifier. It is an ultra-compact module which can be placed hidden away behind other equipments.

    A non-slip silicon rubber bass is designed to not mark or leave residue on surfaces.

    * WT1/WR1 are designed and approved to ErP standards and comply with Eco design for energy related products Regulations for Energy-Related Products Directive 2009/125/EC. This means the units consume less than 0.5Watts of power in standby mode.

  • MONITOR AUDIO IV140 sienā iebūvējams skaļrunis (cena par gab.)

    The Monitor Audio IV140 invisible speaker is designed to deliver ‘best in class’ audio performance in concealed in-wall and in-ceiling applications. The IV140 meets the demands of designers, installers and end users by providing ultimate discretion, easy to fit installation and high performance.

    Concealed in-wall or in-ceilings, the speaker fits into all conventional 4” stud bays, leaving enough room for cabling. Once installed and skimmed with plaster, the speaker is completely out of sight, with paint, light wallpaper or fabric hiding it from view.

    A large low-frequency transducer and two high frequency transducers provide punchy, high power bass and sound vibration. This two-way transducer design also features an integrated crossover to generate a wider frequency range and deliver crystal clear sound quality with smoother overall balance and character.

    An integrated back box design isolates sound and ensures consistent, controlled performance. This rigid back box reduces sound emitted from the rear of the speaker, minimising leakage into other rooms.

    Monitor Audio’s IV140 is protected against overload by automatic re-setting circuit breakers (PTC). These will attenuate output for a specific time period to allow the system to cool until normal operation can safely resume.

  • MARANTZ + MONITOR AUDIO komplekts '' Silver 8 ''

    Labākais STEREO komplekts cenu kategorijā līdz 3000 Eur!

    Regular Price: €2 997,00

    Īpaša cena €2 399,00

  • DENON + MONITOR AUDIO komplekts '' Bronze 6 AV ''


    Regular Price: €3 055,00

    Īpaša cena €2 399,00

  • YAMAHA + MONITOR AUDIO komplekts '' MR AV ''

    YAMAHA + MONITOR AUDIO MR komplekts!


    *Komplektu skaits par šo cenu ir ierobežots. Nekavējies ar pasūtījuma veikšanu!

    Ja vēlies citu komplektāciju, sazinies ar mums, izsaki savas vēlmes un saņem piedāvājumu.

    Regular Price: €2 275,00

    Īpaša cena €1 899,00

  • MARANTZ + MONITOR AUDIO '' Radius AV " komplekts


    *Komplektu skaits par šo cenu ir ierobežots! Nekavējies ar pirkuma veikšanu!

    Ja vēlies citu komplektāciju, sazinies ar mums, izsaki savas vēlmes un saņem piedāvājumu.

    Regular Price: €3 499,00

    Īpaša cena €2 699,00

  • DENON + MONITOR AUDIO Komplekts '' Bronze 5 AV''

    DENON + MONITOR AUDIO Bronze 5 AV Komplekts! 

    DENON AVR-X1400H + MONITOR AUDIO BRONZE 5 / FX / Centre / W10

    * Komplektu skaits par šo cenu ir ierobežots. Nekavējies ar pirkuma veikšanu!

    Ja vēlies citu komplektāciju, sazinies ar mums, izsaki savas vēlmes un saņem piedāvājumu.

    Regular Price: €2 571,00

    Īpaša cena €2 099,00

  • MONITOR AUDIO i-DECK 200 skaļrunis priekš iPhone, iPad, iPod

    As docks go, the i-deck 200 is set to stay as the premier compact sound system for music lovers. Concentrating all the fidelity of Monitor Audio's award-winning audio engineering within a supremely intuitive design, the i-deck 200 delivers the power to party and sublime convenience all-in-one. Endowed with the accurate wide-band sound of much larger traditional HiFi systems, yet with all the virtues of the dock system genre, the i-deck 200 establishes a new standard of performance for compact systems, breath taking in its scale and quality. Dual 100mm C-CAM® bass drivers individually powered by custom-configured 50W amplifiers and a brace of 25mm Gold dome tweeters, driven by precision-tailored 20W power amps will move the air like no other compact. You can rely on its innovative processing brain to generate the cleanest frequencies in any room from a purely digital iPod® source. If you're seeking the last word in musical expression from a dock design, the i-deck 200 will spell it out.

    Regular Price: €299,00

    Īpaša cena €199,00

  • MONITOR AUDIO i-DECK 100 skaļrunis priekš iPhone, iPad, iPod

    The i-deck 100 can blend with any space but also fill the largest rooms with an astonishingly clear full-frequency sound, comparable with many full-sized hi-fi systems. Dock your iPod® or iPhone® and the i-deck 100 streams its pure digital signal to a high performance audio engine, comprising two 75mm C-CAM® bass drivers individually powered by customised twin 30W class-D amplifiers, and two 19mm C-CAM Gold dome tweeters, each driven by precision-tuned 15W power modules. Yet the beauty is more than skin deep: each time you plug it in the i-deck 100 intelligently adjusts the sound to compensate for room-boom and positioning, so you’ll enjoy a wider, more natural performance than you’d expect from such a compact design. Whatever the space, whenever the opportunity, the stunning i-deck 100 tunes in and sends out a big, clean audio experience.

    Regular Price: €249,00

    Īpaša cena €149,00

  • MONITOR AUDIO AIRSTREAM S150 Bluetooth bezvadu skaļrunis Gold (cena par gab.)

    Monitor Audio has packed the delicious Airstream S150 Bluetooth speaker with the high energy sound of our award-winning audio technology for music lovers to savour from room-to-room. It concentrates effortless functionality, advanced digital processing and powerful amplification within a beautifully portable high performance system, designed to draw a deceptively big stereo sound from all Bluetooth devices within seconds anywhere in the home.

  • APART AUDIO OVO8P-W 8" Active loudspeaker mono 1x60W, White (cena par gab.)

    OVO8P is an active speaker with excellent musical quality, crystal clear voice reproduction and high sound level with 60W output power. This full range bass reflex speaker is so powerful you don’t need a sub anymore to realize that perfect sound.

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